It seems that almost any basketball product that features the Dream Team, specifically the storied dynasty from the early 90′s, will sell worldwide.  Collectors loved that team and it’s players so much, that even if they beat your country, you became a fan.  The first Dream Team autographs to hit the card market were the 1994 Skybox Dream Team Autographs, which didn’t feature anyone better than Isiah Thomas.  They were signed in gold ink, had no card numbers, and didn’t feature any concrete print run.

When I saw this David Robinson 1992 Skybox Autograph card sell yesterday, I was left scratching my head.

What was it and where did it come from?  Why did it sell for so much money, despite not being a pack pulled autograph?  Was there an insert run in 1992 Skybox that was so rare it’s forgotten?

Checking the Beckett checklist draws a blank and I can’t say I’ve ever seen another one on the market.  It is worth noting the sale price and something that Panini America could do as a buy back insert.

Does anyone know what this card is?  Share your info below!