If there was one sport that I wish I knew more about, it’s hockey.  I don’t particularly like the game, nor do I truly understand the nuances and scoring, but from a hobby aspect it’s lovely.  Limited products come out every year and the rookies sell for amounts that would make Jim Cramer scream “BUY!”.  It always seems like a no-brainer to buy some product or singles, but I always get cold feet.  Call me a wimp.

Well, I came across this Pat LaFontaine ring auction the other day in my daily USA searches and it got me thinking.  Why don’t card companies buy cool memorabilia like this and insert it into products?  It would be an interesting redemption chase set idea to be the lucky owner of a real championship ring.

Surely, the product would have to be higher end and they would have to get a hold of a bunch of relevant rings, but it would still be interesting. Maybe insert redemption cards for some gold medals from tournaments, or actual MVP/ROY/CY YOUNG awards that were bought through auctions.The possibilities are endless if some thought was put into this idea.

While I sit here and watch the boring 2010 Bowman Chrome Baseball market, and wait for my tooth to heal after surgery, give me some feedback on this topic.  It might be very mid-1990′s scoreboard-ish, but it could possibly bring some life back into this hobby we all love.