The guys at Beckett got their hands on the official checklist for 2010 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks (retail version), which sheds some light on the TBA names.  As you can see, the autograph checklist is very strong talent-wise and made up of plenty of former USA players.  A few were removed and replaced, but the major names are all there.

You might notice that the one thing missing are the AFLAC autographs.  Those are scheduled to be hobby only offerings and likely not to be listed.  According to Topps, they will be inserted and Bryce Harper is included.  We’ll see if their claims are true.

The 16U autograph set is a bit puzzling, as Topps decided to include Albert Almora again.  Meanwhile, they did not include Sheldon Neuse for some undisclosed reason.  The gold medal winning roster has 21 players listed, yet this checklist is 20 players deep.

Sorry Sheldon. I feel for you buddy.