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GALLERY: 2011 Topps USA 1/1 Patch Autos

Now that the 2011 Topps USA Boxed Set has been released, the patch autos have returned, but with a twist.  Instead of a parallel being #’d to /99 or #’d to /50, the patch autographs are 1/1′s.  A bit of a let down for the USA brand, since it makes it hard to justify breaking the product now for plain relic autos, but man are they nice looking! (check out the Dom Nunez that’s full of dirt. Awesome!)

Clean design, multiple patch pieces, and some really nice swatches.  Enjoy the gallery and click the links for the auctions!







FIRST LOOK: 2011 Topps USA Box Set

As usual, the progression of information is a bit “off” at the Topps offices.  We brought you the extremely vague information about the 2011 Topps USA Boxed Set release, but it had no checklist or card images.  The product is set to release very soon and we still haven’t seen a legit sell sheet with any more info.

Thanks to Gilmore at Freedom Card Board, we have actual scans of the cards.  Very interesting stuff.  We’re still debating on the design, but it seems to be all on-card autographs, which is nice.  Check them out for yourself and let us know what you think.


Chris Farley Reincarnated in 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft

Just when you thought 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft couldn’t get any better, Topps gives us this gem of a card.

Not only is Daniel Vogelbach a talented prospect in the Cubs system (#10 overall by Baseball America and winner of 2011 Power Showcase), but he also seems to be the reincarnate of Chris Farley.  The minute this card image popped up on my eBay searches, I couldn’t help but find the SNL skit of Farley doing his Jon Kruk impersonation.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane.


The first USA 16U Chrome Singles Hit The Market….

With the release of 2011 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks & Prospects, the first 16U USA singles hit the market.  Check out some of the cards and share your thoughts on the product.

Matt Vogel Purple Refractor Auto /10
Steven Farinaro Gold Refractor Auto /50
Austin Meadows Blue Refractor Auto /99

Tyler Alamo Refractor Auto /199
Riley Unroe Refractor Auto /199
Dom Nunez Refractor Auto /199

Steve Farinaro Base Auto